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REI Presents: Batgirl

Author(s): REI
Video Release Date: December 3, 2019
Video Source: YouTube

Rhonda-Marie Avery, aka “Batgirl” was born with only 8% vision and is legally blind. She has no depth perception no cones in the back of our retinas meaning no daytime vision, no color vision. The technical term is Achromatopsia. But, her mother would tell you that she has been stubborn since the day she was born. “I think I was really angry when I was growing up that the world was so hard to navigate. Even to walk from the school to my brownie troop in the church down the road. There were roads to cross that I couldn’t navigate. And I thought this is dumb. This is not education, this is this is a barrier. This needs to change.” Since then Rhonda has run numerous ultra road and trail marathons, including a 314 mile run across the state of Tennessee. Watch her journey to break down the barriers she saw as a kid.

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