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Ride: A Short Film About Cycling

Topics:  Biking
Author(s): Tom's Outdoors
Video Release Date: December 16, 2021
Video Source: YouTube

Meet new-to-town bicycle mechanic and cyclist Ian, in our latest film “Ride”. It’s the human power of turning feet over and over in a supple motion and the rhythm of your body moving side to side in time with the bike that has Ian enamoured. If he isn’t riding bikes, he is fixing bikes. Bike Revive Tumut is set to become a local institution, a legacy where people connect over a shared zest for bikes. A place for cycling in all forms be it mountain biking, road biking, gravel riding, bike packing or e-biking. “Ride your bike, don’t just romance the idea. Ride.”

About Bike Revive Tumut: Bike Revive Tumut is a fully equipped bicycle service business that makes cycling accessible and easy through bike set-up and maintenance. Bike mechanic, Ian Downing works on bikes of all types, from basic entry-level to high-end performance. Ian Downing has been riding bikes and working on them since the 1970s, and his passion for bikes only continues to grow.

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