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From Sea to Summit – Skiing with the Gods of Delphi

Author(s): Dynafit
Video Release Date: May 5, 2022
Video Source: YouTube

On the 10th of March 2022 DYNAFIT Managing Director and adventure athlete Benedikt Böhm went on a 5-hour sea-to-summit expidition to conquere Mount Parnassos in Greece. Starting directly from the sea with his road bike at the village of Itea he climbed up to an altitude of 2.414 meters on skies!

Mount Parnassos is directly located at the world-famous Oracle of Delphi, which is a place with great heritage and special energy. It’s foremost the scenery of contrasts – where hard core winter meets sunny spring – that impressed Benedikt the most. The first part of the ascent lead Benedikt through beautiful Greek mountain villages full of olive, lemon and orange tree plants before reaching the old ancient ruins of Delphi. At around 1.200 meters there was enough snow for Benedikt to replace his bike with skies, and the weather switched from one moment to the other. The conditions got cloudy, very windy and ice cold which made it a real adventourus expidition. After 5 hours of climbing Benedikt finally reached the summit in a complete white-out environment. Even tough the conditions were rough, he enjoyed skiing down through 0,5m fresh powder in such a special place.

Looking back on his adventure, Benedikt compares Mount Parnassos to places like Mount Fuji in Japan or several places in the Himalayas. There might be a reason why people pilgrim to Delphi for more than 3000 years. After all, it’s the locals who make such a place even more special and enabled Benedikt to fulfill his dream of a sea-to-summit expidition. This project was only possible because of their connections, motivation and passionate support. Thanks to Elias, George , Christos and all the special people involved in this project!

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