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The Traditionalist – Chapter Two

Author(s): The North Face
Video Release Date: March 22, 2024
Video Source: YouTube

In this new 3-part series from acclaimed film-maker Andrea Cossu, we follow Jacopo as he travels from Europe, to America and the UK to gain a deeper understanding of trad-climbing as an art-form, it’s diverse community, culture, ethics and history – exploring what ‘hard-trad’ actually means and whether, when push comes to shove, the grades actually matter. In our second instalment, Jacopo journeys to the birthplace of Trad. In the UK, he finds another culture steeped in tradition, ethics and a rich history. On his short visit, Jacopo tries to soak up as much variety as he can, by climbing on different types of rock and different styles of routes. Far from the powerful, but relatively safe climbing of the Yosemite cracks, how will Jacopo fare, when faced with the psychological challenge of one of the Peak District’s most dangerous and mentally challenging classics?

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