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UIAA Mountain Equipment Testing – Part 3

Video Release Date: December 7, 2008
Video Source: YouTube

The UIAA (Union Internationale Des Associations D’Alpinisme) or International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation is the major body that tests and rates climbing equipment UIAA certification is done for climbing ropes, carabiners and numerous other climbing hardware. This series of 3 videos shows the kind of testing to failure that the UIAA does. While it is a little scary to watch carabiners and other gear snap in half, it’s also very informative.

UIAA Safety Labels

When you see the UIAA label on a piece of mountaineering equipment, you know that it is up to the highest international standards for safety. The UIAA started to test ropes in 1960 and now we have standards for 19 different categories of safety equipment, including helmets, harnesses and crampons.

The UIAA Safety Label can be awarded for mountaineering and climbing equipment that meets the requirements of the relevant UIAA standard. Climbing and mountaineering equipment, tested to the UIAA standards, is recommended by the UIAA for use by climbers and mountaineers.

The UIAA Safety Label logo trademark is registered internationally and may only be used for products that have been certified by the UIAA and registered as such.

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