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USX Veteran Everest Expedition

Author(s): 2R Productions
Video Release Date: May 22, 2016
Video Source: Vimeo

Please support the Team USX expedition to Everest in Spring 2016: usxeverest.com

Read more about USX and their Everest expedition:

“Even if we save just one, it’s worth it, it’s worth everything. That’s why we climb: to save just one”

—Command Sergeants Major (Retired) Todd Burnett

USX is a Veteran nonprofit organization founded by active duty service members and Veterans. USX empowers Veterans and Soldiers to inspire others and help those in need in order to overcome mental health issues related to military service. We do this through small outdoor expedition teams fostering camaraderie and a renewed sense of purpose and service. In doing do so, USX and its Veterans will spread the spirit of the American Soldier and raise awareness for Soldier mental health. USX focuses on three areas: Nexus Expeditions, Research and Development Initiatives, and Adventurous Training.

This spring, USX will launch its first nexus expedition by conquering the tallest mountain in the world: Mt. Everest. By climbing all 29,029 feet to the summit of Mt. Everest, our team of Veteran and Soldier climbers will show the incredible resiliency of our nation’s service members. In doing so, USX will place the first ever combat wounded Veteran atop the world, the first active duty Soldier atop Everest, and most importantly, USX will raise awareness and funds to support mental health initiatives for Veterans.

While members of our climbing team have struggled with PTSD and even suicide, they are not alone—many Soldiers within the military are in need of your support. We want to be a part of the solution. Help us by raising awareness and funds for our fellow Soldiers who are struggling with the same invisible wounds our climbers have.

In order for us to provide for the climbing fees and construct a national awareness campaign for Soldier mental health initiatives, we would love for your support to reach our funding goal of $107,500. 100% of what you donate will go directly towards the climb and awareness campaign. When we exceed our expenses, we will donate to 2 organizations that work directly with Veterans to provide counseling care and services for service members with mental health issues— Give an Hour and Stop Soldier Suicide.

Every dollar you donate makes a real impact in the lives of our Veteran climbers and Veterans throughout our nation. We encourage you to donate whatever you can. Even the smallest of amounts can make a large impact. If you can’t donate, please share to help raise awareness for our cause.

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