Climbing & Kayaking: Supervisor & Educator (Full-Time)

Company: Trackers Earth

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description

Trackers Earth is a youth organization that inspires kids to navigate real challenges. We believe they can truly contribute, developing the grit and character they need to thrive! Kids learn old-school outdoor skills: wilderness survival, farm craft, wild foraging, fishing, martial arts, boating, and more. All this in immersive camps and programs filled with epic story and adventure.

What We Do!

Starting in 2004, Trackers Earth is an organization that endeavors to serve our community, and the natural world. We offer key program scholarships to families in need, conserved hundreds of acres of wildlands where kids connect with nature, and offered essential support to the growth of other kindred outdoor education organizations. Our mission? Give kids essential knowledge, skills, and experience they need to stand up with us to help save the world!

The Opportunity

Join us! Help change the movement of outdoor education through Climbing, Boating, and Outdoor Adventure. Share your passion for outdoor safety and adventure with youth. This position is full-time, year-round, and goes beyond a job—you help create a village. Your role? A Trackers Supervisor is manager and mentor to hundreds of staff and thousands of students. As a subject matter expert, contribute to and help develop a Climbing, Boating, and Outdoor Adventure curriculum in serving upwards to 1500 kids a year. Co-create and implement content for in-depth forest school, mentoring, and after school programs, cultivating strong relationships with Trackers families as we build our community. Working with the region’s General Manager and Site Supervisors, collaborate in the growth and quality of all Climbing, Boating, and Outdoor Adventure programs.

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Grow with Trackers

Trackers Earth serves over 20,000 students each year and is growing. The programs you help build teach leading edge outdoor skills that cultivate competence, capability, and curiosity in the youth we serve. Your efforts help kids better contribute to their family, nature, and many generations beyond us.

As a Guild Supervisor you are key to engaging our Trackers For Life journey—a program that trains teens, parents, and seniors as outdoor educators and Trackers staff. In this critical role, you help our community build our Village both as students and guides. Join a seasoned, dedicated, and expert team to move outdoor education toward its greater potential. Come guide kids to reclaim childhood and their connection to the wild!

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  • With Trackers founders and leadership, collaborate on and implement programs rooted in the following skills and beyond: Rock Climbing, Water Safety & Boating (Kayaks & Canoes), Outdoor Safety & Orienteering, Winter & Cold Weather Outdoor Skills, Expeditionary Skills.

  • Be a mentor, and remember what it’s like to be a kid.

  • Break Camp: Summer, Spring, Winter Oversee and manage a Trackers Earth summer and break camps leading a team of educators in your specialty.

  • School Year: Plan for Summer, Spring and Winter programs. Mentor and teach in our Homeschool, Weekend Apprenticeship, or After School programs.

  • Recruit, assemble, train, manage, and evaluate Interns, Guides, and Coordinators.

  • Reinforce a culture of can-do attitude and positive, and solutions based collaboration.

  • Follow and enact all of Trackers policies and procedures for safety and quality.

  • Direct staff in proper usage, maintenance and storage of program gear.

  • Document matters of safety, quality, operations, staffing, and culture on a daily basis.


  • Completed Vaccinations for COVID-19 (verification required)

  • Proven experience in Climbing, Boating, and Outdoor Adventure as it applies to deeper nature connection.

  • 1+ year (or 2 seasons) experience leading and managing adult teams, preferably in outdoor or educational settings.

  • 2+ years (or 4 seasons) experience in outdoor skills or 3+ in general education.

  • Experience with summer camps similar to Trackers or skills relevant to Trackers programming.

  • Ability to exercise independent discretion and judgment that reflects critical thinking while managing campers and staff in remote locations with limited support.

  • Model professionalism while supporting campers, families, and colleagues.

  • Can stand, bend, squat, climb, lift (up to 50 lbs), hike on and off trail (up to 5 miles) per day.

  • Passing pre-employment criminal background & references checks.

  • Willingness to develop your own skills that apply to Trackers culture and goals.

  • Possess the following certifications (or able to complete before starting): CPR/First Aid/Anaphylaxis & Epinephrine Auto-Injector, Food Handlers , Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect (OR & WA), State fishing license.

  • Class B Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) required. Trackers will assist you in getting this certification.

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Be able to report to any Oregon worksite within 30 miles of our SE Portland Headquarters or our Sandy school.

About Trackers

Since 2004, kids and extended families in all their forms have journeyed on adventures with Trackers Earth and our Guides. We share the Arts of Tracking through stewardship and enduring outdoor skills. We commit to developing opportunity by respecting the diverse cultures and values of every Guide, youth, and family serving with us. We endeavor to grow with families for the increased accessibility of these experiences. We define ourselves by an ever deeper kinship to the more than human world, multi-generational character, and the principles discovered and found in the quietest moments with the forest.

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How to Apply

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