Outdoor Entrepreneurial Leadership Intern

Company: She Summits Company


Job Description

Summer 2022 (May 29th- August 20th) 

Entrepreneurial Leadership interns live at our summer base and work in our office. They are part of the future planning,
management, and big ideas of the company. Our Director is the female owner of the business, and supervisor of this internship, so this may include networking with Maine Summer Camps, Maine Outdoor Brands, and meeting with Third-Party Vendors.

Please visit our Field Experience Guide for more information. 


● All Interns attend three weeks of paid adventure planning training in various areas around Maine, prior to the beginning of the camp season. This on-site, experiential training includes camping, backpacking, camp cooking, skills demonstrations, yoga practice, practical scenarios in first aid and risk management, and a review of camper files, permits, maps, menus, and itineraries. 

● Interns will work in Bangor, Maine but will take excursions into the field. Entrepreneurial Interns may visit other outdoor vendors, government officials, and business groups for networking within the Outdoor Industry as well. 

General Expectations

● Observe and think like an owner of a small business. Give input on growing and learn about being an entrepreneur in the outdoor industry. 

• Maintain a constant awareness of and provide attention to individual camper needs

● Assess and manage environmental and human risks

● Provide wilderness medical care

● Give input on ideas for the future and look at forecasting models as we plan 2023. 

● Communicate with parents, contracted activity outfitters, and camp director

● Complete written reports and co-staff evaluations

● Make decisions that benefit the group as a whole

● Interns work in both groups as administrative staff and as individuals. Being able to work independently is a must. 

Minimum Qualifications

● Minimum age of 18 years

● Completed at least 1 year of college

● Clean driving record and clean criminal background record

● Drive to start an outdoor business in the near future or work within management in the outdoor industry. 

● Fun, funny, and fun lovin’ attitude


● $3600  for internship duration- 12 weeks 

● Travel Stipend of $200 paid before the start of the summer 

● Access to pro deals and gear discounts

Essential Functions

Applicants must be physically able to perform the following:

● Live and work in a setting with variable weather conditions

● Move and/or lift up to 60 pounds; load and unload equipment/packs from vehicles

● Reach, climb, grasp, push and pull above and below shoulder levels; squat and bend

Applicants must possess the following mental and emotional requirements:

● Emotional stability and maturity

● Promptness, reliability, and trustworthiness

● Ability to communicate effectively with supervisor, co-workers, campers, contract outfitters/vendors, and parents

● Ability to work successfully with people from diverse backgrounds

● Ability to self-motivate and make independent decisions

● Flexibility, spontaneity, and the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to camper needs, daily program needs,

and emergency situations

● Ability to model and teach safety and risk management

● Ability to organize and recall facts, figures, and information

● Ability to concentrate, focus, and accurately and efficiently perform required tasks

Applicants must be tolerant of the following environmental exposures:

● Potentially hot, cold, wet, dry, and humid weather

● Variable and potentially extreme temperature conditions, depending on elevation, time of day, and season (June-August)

● Potential exposure to toxic substances (i.e. bleach, petroleum vehicle fuel)

● Potential exposure to natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, landslide, or heavy snow

● Potential exposure to  dust, pollen, poison oak, and a variety of animals, plants, bees and insects

You will need to possess your own computer for this internship. 


  • Opportunities for other pay include weekend duty with campers $150 a weekend, subbing on adventures for trip leaders time off $50 for overnight, $15 an hr during the day, post-camp internships, and pre-camp internships $300 a week.
  • Two Days a week or more off of work to explore Maine on your own or with other staff.
  • Free Staff Uniforms ( two T-shirts, Long sleeve shirt, Fleece)
  • Free Airport Pick-Up or Pick-Up from anywhere in Maine
  • Free Housing- shared house with staff
  • Free Food- that you like, we buy groceries based on a staff grocery list, not a meal plan.
  • Free Excursions
  • Free Training- WFR offered and Maine Trip Leader Training
  • Future Job References- we write thoughtful and professional references for entrance into the outdoor industry

Equal Opportunity Employer

She Summits Co, LLC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status. This policy applies to any employee, applicant, or camp participant.


Availability:  We have one Outdoor Leadership Internship available for Summer 2022. 

How to Apply

Please reach out to Amanda Hatley ([email protected] or call 207-956-0605), our Director, to make sure that your internship is a fit with our program before applying. Then, create an account and fill out the application linked about. If you have questions feel free to reach out to Amanda.