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APN Development Training

Updated: June 27, 2001


The Business of Development

Our Development Programmes like our clients are unique. Time is spent understanding their organisations so that, in Consultation with them, we create highly tailored programmes to satisfy their needs. We use our client’s Experience and our own, having worked closely with national companies, multi-national organisations and the public sector.

We do not teach, preach or prescribe – we help individuals Learn. Learning the APN way is an Active Experience not a passive exercise. By recreating workplace situations, we accelerate the learning in a challenging but sensitive and support environment.

Frequent review sessions enables clients to talk freely about what they have learnt and its value to Improving Performance back at work. We encourage open and honest Communication as a way of learning.

APN has been designing, developing and delivering business focused consultancy and high quality training programmes since 1982.

Our purpose is to:
· Provide consulting services to clarify business direction and objectives, and effectively communicate these to stakeholders.
· To design, co-ordinate and run training programmes that enable individuals to develop for their personal benefit and that of their company.

Our values are:
· Quality – by delivering a high quality service we have ensured long term relationships with customers, and a business built on referrals.
· Respect – we ensure that we respect the opinions, emotions, and security of individuals.
· Challenge – our business is change and it is only through the challenge of existing practices that this can be achieved.
· Growth – personal and organisational growth are fundamental objectives of our work, we strive to mirror this.
· Fun – commercial enterprise is a serious business but most progress is made when people are able to express themselves, and enjoy the experience.

Our Methods include:
· Experiential Learning – working with reality or creating activities that are metaphors for situations at work.
· Facilitation – helping delegates to articulate their experiences and to draw conclusions that can be directly applied to improving performance at work.
· Consultation – with individuals and groups in their work place, helping them to identify real issues, develop more open methods of communication and look at more effective ways of working.
· Outdoor Management Development – the sensitive use of exercises to create learning for business situations.

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Region(s): International
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Address 1: Swallett Lodge, Main Rd.
City: Chippenham
State/Province: na
Country: UK
Postal Code: SN15 4DD


Phone: (44)1249-890253
Fax: (44)1249-890253
Contact Person: Andy Neal

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