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The Association for Experiential Education

The Association for Experiential Education

Updated: October 14, 2001
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The Association for Experiential Education is a membership organization that strives to elevate and expand the global capacity of Experiential Education.

AEE is committed to supporting professional development, theoretical advancement, and the evaluation of Experiential Education Worldwide.

Our Mission


Build an inclusive and accessible community for experiential education professionals that is firmly rooted in the philosophy, principles and practices of experiential education.

Support the academic research, publication and dissemination of authoritative information for promoting, implementing and advancing the philosophy, principles, and practices of experiential education.

Present our collective resources and knowledge to supportive public audiences to elevate and advocate support for the expansion of experiential education.

Our Values

The Global Community is an essential progression to further experiential education methodologies and practices around the globe.

Adventure and Challenge are two fundamental elements inseparable from the application of experiential learning, not only in the natural world, but in the classroom, workplace and beyond. 

Reflective Leadership by approaching leadership roles with presence and personal mastery is vital in strengthening our best practices as experiential educators. 

Social Justice by supporting people of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures is an integral part of developing successful experiential education programming.  

The conservation of The Natural World is key to protecting the enjoyment and learning of all individuals, communities and future generations.

Creative Play is a vital part of life-long development, that not only supports healthy emotional, social, intellectual, and physical growth but greatly enhances engaged learning experiences

Quick Facts

→ 1,600+ Members from 29 Countries

→ 64 Accredited Programs

→ 15+ Areas of Professional Practice

→ 200+ Volunteers Annually

→ 48+ Years dedicated to the field of EE


Address 1: 2315 18th Street South St
City: Petersburg
State/Province: Florida
Country: United States
Postal Code: 33712


Phone: (303) 440-8844
Contact Person: Sherry Bagley, Executive Director

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