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Astronomy for Outdoor Educators and Enthusiasts

Updated: May 2, 2004

Our mission is to provide lasting educational experiences to educators and the public in all areas of astronomy and space science. We do this through innovative, science-rich, activities that make learning fun.

We are educators with experience in all areas of teaching. We specialize in offering trainings for classroom and outdoor educators in how to teach astronomy. We offer workshops for the outdoor enthusiast through many host organizations. We also teach in the formal classroom with elementary through university students. We come from backgrounds in scientific research, outdoor education, classroom teaching and professional guiding. Our experience include hosting NASA sponsored teacher workshops, training Outward Bound and NOLS staff, leading public events at Colorado Mountain Club and Mountain Studies Institute, and teaching a college astronomy course at Western State College of Colorado.

Our teaching specialties are those topics people can readily experience in their “everyday” lives: the apparent movements of the Sun, stars, Moon, and planets in the sky, as well as seasons and meteor showers. Our workshop content includes activities that address multiple learning styles, are science-rich, and FUN. We have developed the innovative teaching style, Kinesthetic Astronomy, and make great use of it in our teaching.

We can come to most any location and with minimal logistical needs, offer a program from one hour to an entire weekend in length. We tailor our teaching to the needs of every population we work with. We offer undergraduate and graduate college credit for trainings of long enough duration.

Company Type(s): Profit
Region(s): US
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Address 1: 2131 8th AVE.
City: Greeley
State/Province: Colorado
Country: United States
Postal Code: 80631


Phone: 970-302-8043
Contact Person: Mike Zawaski

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