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Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

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Updated: June 3, 2023
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Since 2002, Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness has helped teens (13-17 years old), young adults (18-30 years old), and their families thrive. We strive to provide a superior wilderness experience to help all individuals define their values and overcome their struggles.

Located in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina mountains (office is in Clayton, GA), Blue Ridge’s licensed treatment program provides sophisticated clinical treatment in an immersive nomadic wilderness model. Foundational transformation for families occurs through utilizing individualized clinical treatment, together with intensive family-focused support, and whole-body health and wellness.

Our techniques combine the healing wilderness environment with evidence-based therapeutic approaches that teach individuals, and their families back home, the skills needed to be aware of and act on their values, rediscover their self-belief, and explore practices that lead to healthy living. Removed from the distractions of daily home life, teens and young adults live 24/7 in nature with other students and our supportive field staff.


Address 1: 236 File St.
City: Clayton
State/Province: Georgia
Country: United States
Postal Code: 30525

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