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Camp Augusta

Updated: January 19, 2006

Our summer camp is about FUN with all of the activities you’d expect, but also so much more. In a small, tight, true community set in natural splendor, campers develop self-confidence, independence, social skills (emotional intelligence), creativity, activity skills, environmental awareness and appreciation, friendships, and healthy living skills. Kids also learn what most modern children have forgotten — how to just play and be a kid without television, video games, the internet, canned games, or social pressure.

Company Type(s): Non-Profit
Company Category(ies): Camp
Region(s): California
Grade Level(s): Not Applicable


Address 1: 17530 Lake Vera Road
City: Nevada City
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 95959


Phone: 530-265-3702
Contact Person: Randall Grayson, Ph.D.

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