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CanAdventure Education

Updated: September 2, 2005

Description: CanAdventure Education is a leading-edge wilderness adventure camp program that engages young people in education, cultural awareness, skill development, and personal growth. The company was founded to promote wilderness adventure as an ideal vehicle for recreation, learning and personal growth among young people.

Operating out of a base camp in Sayward, BC (45 minutes north of Campbell River), CanAdventure Education runs 3-5 week camps for youth ages 13-21, including specialized programs for struggling teens and aspiring eco-tourism leaders. Camps include backpacking and kayaking expeditions to central and northern Vancouver’s Island’s most inspiring destinations, including Nootka Island, Cape Scott, Della Falls, Schoen Lake, Johnstone Strait, and the Broken Islands.

Company Type(s): Profit
Region(s): Canada
Grade Level(s): Not Applicable


Address 1: 787 Melody Place
City: victoria
State/Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Postal Code: V9E 2A2


Phone: 250.282.3862
Fax: 250.282.3867
Contact Person: Corinna Stevenson

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