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Cape Eleuthera Island School, Bahamas

Updated: June 27, 2001

The Island School is a 14-week semester program for high-school sophomores and juniors located on the Island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Education at the Island School is hands on, place-based and focussed on the relationships between our community and the environment – both the local environment and the larger relationship humans have with the planet. Students study Environmental Science (from tropical marine ecology and sustainable systems perspectives), English (the literature of the sea), History (focussing on the Bahamas – from a geological time frame up through current issues), Ennvironmental Art and Math. There is also a strong research component to our program. In science, students are involved in long-term research projects focussing on environmental issues in the Bahamas – whether it be surveying a local mangrove creek after restoration of tidal flow, or issues dealing with responsible coastal management, or artificial reef construction and placement. The humanities program also has a substantial element of research involving extensive interaction with the local community to find out more about current issues and conditions in the Bahamas. Students are also involved witrh the local communities as teachers to local elementary school children – forging links that often endure well past their time in Eleuthera. As well as the academic program, we have an extensive outdoor program focussed around Sea Kayak expeditions, SCUBA diving and a morning exercise program culminating in our community half-marathon. The Island School is also the first exposure many of our students have had to sustainable small community living and to this end we model closed-loop systems of sustainable energy and waste management as much as possible at our location. This includes waste-water management, wind and solar power systems and a permaculture system using food production and small livestock husbandry to recycle organic wastes. We currently have a fall semester running from September through December and a Spring semester running from March through June.


Address 1: The Island School, c/o Twin Air
City: Fort Lauderdale
State/Province: Florida
Country: United States
Postal Code: 33315


Phone: 242 359 7625
Fax: 242 334 8300
Contact Person: Tony Hawgood

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