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City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks

Updated: June 27, 2001

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks department is a resource management agency. Funded by a dedicated sales tax, the department manages approximately 38,000 acres for city growth planning, passive recreation, land conservation, and agricultural uses. Aquisition is ongoing for parcels that will augment habitat, land, and trail corridor continuity. The maintenance division sponsors the Junior Ranger program, a youth employment and education program for local teens. Girls and boys ages 14-17 are hired to perform maintenance on Boulder’s trails during the summer, engaging participants in meaningful conservation projects that make a difference to the land and community. The program incorporates the building of a responsible work ethic, environmental awareness, stewardship values, successful teams, and personal growth within the setting of service learning. Staff are hired seasonally to lead trail crews of teens. Applicants with experience in outdoor education, trail maintenance, environmental education, experiential methods, group leadership, and working with teens are prioritized. Please see our website for full details. www.ci.boulder.co.us/openspace


Address 1: PO Box 791
City: Boulder
State/Province: Colorado
Country: United States
Postal Code: 80306


Phone: 303-413-7615
Fax: 303-413-7617
Contact Person: Halice Ruppi

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