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Coastal Wonders Environmental Education Program

Updated: October 31, 2007

In the residential outdoor school setting of Coastal Wonders, regional youth leave behind their indoor classrooms and join us in venturing into a classroom where the ceiling is the sky and the floor is a vast living world inviting exploration. This experiential learning adventure brings to life what students are learning in the classroom and help them understand how and why we are tied to the earth!

With Alabama’s rich natural environment, Coastal Wonders is an exciting classroom for our youth. In fact, Alabama has among the highest biodiversity of plant and animal species per square mile in the U.S! In celebration of this, we offer a unique opportunity for groups to experience a wide variety of dynamic ecosystems: including estuary, salt marsh, wetland (with pitcher plant bog), freshwater pond, and coastal forest environments.

At Coastal Wonders, we strengthen the connections between conservation, education, and research through engaging participants in dynamic, hands-on learning activities. The habitat-based, interdisciplinary curriculum incorporate science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, physical education, character education, as well as creative problem solving components. All classes are correlated to state Course of Study education standards and our trained Naturalist Educator staff encourage cognitive learning of content material while arousing the beginnings of a life long land ethic in each and every child.

The Mission of Coastal Wonders Environmental Education Program is to promote the study and enjoyment of nature within dynamic Gulf Coast ecosystems in order to enhance academic learning, character education, and earth stewardship through hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences.

The program goals at Coastal Wonders are for participants to:

  • Engage all five senses in investigating Gulf Coast aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Explore native flora and fauna to cultivate understanding and appreciation of the natural world.
  • Discover creative and practical applications of classroom concepts that enhance cognitive learning of standards-based content material.
  • Learn to celebrate diversity and foster stewardship through respecting oneself, each other, and the environment.


Address 1: 10400 Beckwith Ln
City: Fairhope
State/Province: Alabama
Country: United States
Postal Code: 36532


Phone: 251-928-2248
Fax: 251-928-7811
Contact Person: Jennifer Dixon

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