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Corporate Synergy Inc.

Updated: April 26, 2006

Corporate Synergy Inc. is a company primarily dedicated to corporate teambuilding using outdoor experiential education. The majority of our work is done at our 164 acre home base with 2,000 square foot indoor meeting facility. We have a 10km trail network and high and low ropes courses on site.

We also host high school outdoor education classes, the military, and cadets for multi-day camping and teambuilding experiences.

We also provide portable programs for those clients who prefer us to come to them.

Company Type(s): Profit
Region(s): US & CA
Grade Level(s): 9-12


Address 1: 285 Farrellton Rd
City: Low
State/Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Postal Code: J0X 2C0


Phone: 819 422-1222
Contact Person: Mike Caldwell

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