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Educo Bulgaria – International Adventure School

Updated: May 27, 2002

Educo Bulgaria is offering challenging activities in the wild nature that will help young people to discover their inner qualities, help the development of the personal initiative, and the formation of creative and independent personalities. Educo helps young people understand global interdependence and interconnectedness by facilitating intensive contacts among people from different nationalities, religions, and cultures, and encouraging acts of solidarity and unity. Educo-Bulgaria also works for the physical health of young people and stresses their role and responsibility for preserving the natural environment.

Our programs are designed as extended outdoor courses. The exceptional and favorable conditions in Bulgaria allow us to run courses all-year round. Through challenging and inspiring adventures in the wild, participants have the chance to discover their inherent qualities and potentials, become aware of the uniqueness of each individual, and to make a gentle step beyond their limits. Young people are taught respect and reverence for the natural world and are encouraged to find their own place in the world. All levels of activities are based on the principles of respect, unity, honesty, and agreement.
The educational programs of Educo are based on the principles of experiential education. The methods and approaches are combining the use of technical elements, specialized games, myths, legends, discussions, etc. The technical elements implemented in the courses content are including: hiking, non-impact camping, rock climbing, swimming, caving, canoeing, skiing, survival training, first aid training, orienteering, training avalanche rescue actions, ropes course, igloo building, snow cave making, night hike. The staff-student ratio guarantees personal attention and the safety of each participant.

According to their age group, maturity, psychological, physical, social, and individual needs, children and young people are given the opportunity to participate in standard, specialized and multicultural courses, either during the summer or the winter.


Address 1: P.O.Box 101
City: Sofia, Bulgaria
State/Province: na
Country: OT
Postal Code: BG - 1784


Phone: +359 2 885 3037
Contact Person: Mr. Valeri Dragnev

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