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Four Corners School of Outdoor Education

Updated: July 23, 2003

Using the Colorado Plateau as an outdoor classroom, Four Corners School is dedicated to educating people of all ages and backgrounds about the need to preserve the natural and cultural resources primarily in the Southwest, and also around the world.

We accomplish this mission through four programs:
1. The Bioregional Outdoor Education Project – creating a sustainable, interdisciplinary, bioregional, environmental education programs in the 96 public and BIA elementary school districts in the four states of the Colorado Plateau through teacher training.
2. Canyon Country Youth Corps – consisting of a work program and school-year service learning program. The work program completes public lands’ restoration projects and has a conservation education component.
3. Southwest Ed-Ventures is an ecotourism program for people ages 6 -90. Educational activities are conducted via rafting, backpacking, hiking, cultural experience, and service work and are lead by experts in the field.
4. Eco-Educator is a work in progress that will work with outdoor educators to make them more effective activists


Address 1: PO Box 1029
City: Monticello
State/Province: Utah
Country: United States
Postal Code: 84535


Phone: 435-587-2156
Fax: 435-587-2193
Contact Person: Jon Orris

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