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Georgia Institute of Technology

Updated: July 31, 2002

Welcome to Outdoor Recreation
Georgia Tech also known as ORGT! Georgia Tech has one of the best
outdoor recreation programs in the country and we hope that you will
take advantage of it.

Although we are located in downtown Atlanta, ORGT
strives to break out of the urban jungle and enjoy the outdoor
opportunities that Georgia has to offer. If you are an outdoor
enthusiast or would like to become one, please join us!

We offer a number of programs throughout the year from caving and rock
climbing to whitewater rafting and sea kayaking. Rent equipment at the
Wilderness Outpost for your own camping excursion or join us on an
organized outing. The students, staff, and volunteers at ORGT are
dedicated to offering you an outdoor experience you won’t forget!

Located on the first floor of the CRC
(in the rear of the building), ORGT also runs the indoor climbing wall
at the Campus Recreation Center.


Address 1: Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech
City: Atlanta
State/Province: Georgia
Country: United States
Postal Code: 30332


Phone: 404-385-1374
Fax: 404-984-1298

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