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Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Updated: April 20, 2016

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, A “World Class” ZipLine Adventure Tour

  • It’s Beautiful
    Whenever we talk about the “World-Class” status of Hocking Hills Canopy Tours, we start with our location. Our course showcases the natural beauty of Hocking Hills, located in Southeastern Ohio. An environment that boasts unique geographical features such as sandstone rock cliffs, recessed caves, the meandering Hocking River, as well as a bountiful variety of trees and vegetation second only to a rain forest.
  • It’s a True “Canopy Tour”
    Our platforms are built in the trees within the canopy (not on poles) so you feel a real “connection” with nature.
  • It’s Professionally Built
    Our course was designed and constructed by the most respected builder in the industry.
  • It’s Interactive
    We utilize a “hand-brake” system on our zip line, which allows the zippers to fully participate in their experience. The hand-braking system is backed-up with a guide activated brake if necessary.
  • Emphasis on Safety
    – Safety is our HIGHEST PRIORITY!
    – See our “Safety” page for detailed information.
  • Professional and Friendly Staff
    From the time you arrive to check-in, to the time you exit the course, you’ll notice our upbeat and friendly staff. Each employee is highly trained, professional, and determined to provide a superlative experience to every participant.
  • It’s Ecology Based
    Our canopy tours showcase the natural beauty of the Hocking Hills. Throughout each tour, our guides share their knowledge relating to local geology, history, and flora and fauna. Additionally, our canopy tour course was designed and built to protect the trees and surrounding area.
  • It’s Well Maintained
    Our course and trails are well-kept and highly maintained.
  • Transportation
    Our “original” retrofitted vehicles transport participants along a 1.5 mile scenic drive, adding a feeling of excited, anticipation to the experience.
  • On-site Photography
    We offer quality on-site photography to memorialize the canopy tour adventure.
  • Certified “Green”
    We helped to establish, and are a member of the Hocking Hills “Green” Initiative.
  • A Sense of Community
    We are very involved with the local tourism association, and we give back to the local community in many ways: hiring locally; using local vendors and offering discounts to local residents.

      EVERYTHING WE DO, WE DO WITH A PASSION! We want our participants to have an amazing overall experience that they can take home with them to share with their friends and family.
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Company Category(ies): Adventure Course
Region(s): Midwest US
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Address 1: 10714 Jackson St
City: Rockbridge
State/Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Postal Code: 43149


Phone: 740-385-9477
Fax: 740-385-2266
Contact Person: Julieann Burroughs

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