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International Outdoor Technology, INC.

Updated: January 4, 2007

We provide professional construction, inspection, training for ropes and experiential courses, and the related high quality equipments which meeting ISO 9001, CNS, CE, UL, JIS, ACCT, PRCA, AEE, and WL standard and inviting ACCT technology instrutors PVM to inspect the construction for achieving customers’ satisfaction.

We focus on making sure our product users getting amusement, challenging, inspiration and being agiler, strong and confident in discovering potential abilities and problems solving from the processions of operation.

There are some well-known constructions we made. For example, Camp Taiwan’s Challenging and Experiencing Center, Canaan Land’s Experiencing Education Center, Cycsml Sunmoon lake Youth Activity Center’s Outdoor Challenging School, Chengching Lack Youth Activity Center’s Outdoor Challenging School, Reiron, The Methodist Church’s Experiencing Education Center, and The National College of Physical Education and Sports’s Challenging Education and Ropes Course Center, Taiwan Power Company’s baffle, and so on.


Address 1: No.43, Guangjhou St., Wanhua District
City: Taipei
State/Province: na
Country: Taiwan
Postal Code: 10849


Phone: +886 2 2302 4028
Fax: +886 2 2302 4920
Contact Person: Kevin

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