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Iowa State University

Updated: February 26, 2002

Located in the DesMoines River valley, this outdoor ed center is 1100 acres of timber, prairie and general campgrounds. We have a 50′ tall climbing and rappleing tower, HR and LR course. We hire summer season camp counselors and programmers in Challenge, Nature, Outdoor Ed and Outdoor living skills. We offer Challenge Field Schools during the school year.

Company Type(s): School
Company Category(ies): College/University
Region(s): Midwest US
Grade Level(s): Not Selected


Address 1: 1991 Peach Ave
City: Madrid
State/Province: na
Country: SP
Postal Code: 50156


Phone: 515-795-3338
Fax: 515-795-2107
Contact Person: Donna MacNeir

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