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Updated: November 6, 2014
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Create With Purpose

We love Tech. We love Nature. We work hard to make it easy for everyone to explore the world’s most beautiful places. Today, millions of people explore nature with our apps. Their experiences are what what drives us and makes us smile everyday. Everybody at komoot is working towards this vision and we design our company to put as little as possible between you and bringing this vision to life.

Work Wherever You Thrive

Our headquarter is located in Potsdam at a lake, but our team works all over Europe. Bavarian mountains? Canary Islands? A little house at a lake? Booming Berlin? You are grown up! There is just no reason to babysit you in an office. You know in which surrounding your productivity really thrives and we will support you there. You can work fully remote, in one of our offices or we support you finding the best co-working space. All tools in the cloud and all meetings accessible via video conference are natural to us.

To stay close as a team, we all travel to amazing outdoor places several times a year. We exchange ideas, learnings and go for hikes and rides. Kicking off spring in Mallorca? Winter in the Alps? That’s where we grow together.

Work With People You Actually Want To Work With

Komoot hires the best folks to do what they love. That means selecting inspiring people who are experts in what they do, and who you will actually want to go on a hike or grab a beer with. Work alongside passionate outdoor folks from all over the globe, who are as enthusiastic about the outdoors as they are about creating.

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Address 1: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Boelcke-Straße 2
City: Potsdam
Country: Germany
Postal Code: 14473

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