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Lewis and Clark College

Updated: July 31, 2002

College Outdoors provides the Lewis & Clark College community with access to the spectacular outdoor environments of the Pacific Northwest through a variety of activities including cross-country skiing, backpacking, whitewater sports, sea kayaking, and hiking.

Participants find themselves at the mountains, rivers, deserts, and coasts that span across Oregon, California, and Washington. College Outdoors’ trips are open to Lewis & Clark undergraduates, graduate students, law students, faculty, and staff.  Trips promise friendly people, fresh air, and fantastic scenery.

College Outdoors offers practical leadership opportunities. Students are encouraged to get involved with College Outdoors by volunteering.  Continued involvement can lead to trip leading opportunities and other staff positions.


Address 1: 0615 S.W. Palantine Hill Road
City: Portland
State/Province: Oregon
Country: United States
Postal Code: 97219


Phone: 503-768-7116
Fax: 503-768-7876
Contact Person: Joe Yuska

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