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The Living Earth School

Updated: February 15, 2022
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  • Do you love being outside and connecting with nature?
  • Do you love playing and having fun with kids?
  • Do you want to build skills and relationships in an outdoor setting?

Then check out Living Earth School of Virginia!  “Connect with Nature and Journey into the Heart”

We aim to teach a holistic balance of skills to help the students understand their place in the natural world, their role in the community, and finally a better awareness of their passions and vision for life. Our curriculum is nature based, developing naturalist skills, survival skills, animal tracking, edible/medicinal plants, and understanding the language of birds. We ask lots of questions because it nurtures self-sufficiency and curiosity.  We utilize core routines that help students more fully immerse in nature, with all their senses.  The benefits to the student are the excitement of discovery, a real connection with animals and plants, and a sense of belonging.

Why work here?

This is not your ordinary camp experience. Each team member is trained in how to be an effective nature mentor. Our aim is to see the light in each person, camper or staff, and help inspire their passions and gifts. If your ready to grow and learn a lot about yourself, how to be an effective mentor, and to deepen your connection with the earth, then please get in touch with us.

Company Type(s): Non-Profit
Company Category(ies): Experiential Education
Region(s): Southeast US
Population(s): Youth - General
Facility(ies): Not Open to the Public


Address 1: 101 Rocky Bottom Lane
City: Afton
State/Province: Virginia
Country: United States
Postal Code: 22920

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