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National Association for Search and Rescue

Updated: November 26, 2003

The National Association for Search and Rescue is a not-for-profit agency that trains organizations and individuals the process of looking for lost persons in the urban and wilderness setting. NASAR conducts these courses throughout the United States, and may also conduct specific courses to groups willing to sponsor a course.

Standard courses include: Introduction to Search and Rescue (18 hrs), Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (40hrs plus practical exam), and Managing the Lost Person Incident (40 hrs). These courses provide a logical progression of training for the student through fundamental knowledge, practical application, and true historical events.

NASAR also maintains a nationally recognized certification program, SARTECH, which provides certification at three distinct levels for those who successfully complete the certification testing. While our courses are not required completion before SARTECH testing, they do provide the foundational material and information for the student to dramatically increase their chance for success in the SARTECH testing process.

NASAR courses are under constant review to deliver state of the art training and information to those who have the responsibility for conducting search and rescue operations. Our instructors come from a broad range of experiences in search and rescue operations.

If you or your organization have a need for search and rescue training, please contact usat our website, call us at 703.222.6277, or contact our Western States Education Coordinator at 775.315.0306


Address 1: 4500 Southgate Place, Suite 100
City: Chantilly
State/Province: Virginia
Country: United States
Postal Code: 20015-1714


Phone: 703.222.6277
Fax: 703.222.6287
Contact Person: Paul M. Burke, Western States Education Coordinator

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