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NorthStar Adventure at Dutch Springs

Updated: June 13, 2006

Since its opening in 1980, Dutch Springs has become the largest inland SCUBA diving facility in the United States, and it is continuing to grow. What was originally dug as a stone quarry, the lake at Dutch Springs has become a hot-spot for divers across the east coast. With a 47-acre lake that reaches depths of almost 100 feet and countless sunken objects like a fire engine, a school bus, a helicopter, and small boats, along with several species of fish, both experienced divers and those who are learning can enjoy the water in an exciting, safe environment at Dutch Springs all year round. As Dutch Springs has continued to grow, it has become not only a place for divers, but for families. The Aqua Park, added in 2004, consists of huge, inflatable attractions for swimmers to jump, climb, splash, and enjoy the water. Tents and pavilions can also be rented for birthday parties, reunions, and corporate parties, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and the attractions. New in 2006 is the Sky Challenge, which incorporates a rock climbing wall with a high ropes course, offering yet another adventure for everyone to experience and enjoy.
Already attracting over 30,000 divers, Dutch Springs will now reach out to local businesses, Boy and Girl Scout troops, area churches, youth groups, sports teams, schools, and universities by opening NorthStar Adventure. With NorthStar Adventure, customizable programs will be offered that will foster teamwork and effective communication, and increase problem resolution. It is a program designed to tailor team building activities that best fit each group?s goals and objectives. NorthStar programs are designed to build self-esteem, enhance teamwork, and foster trust within the group through activities along with the guidance of our talented facilitators. With NorthStar, Dutch Springs will continue to grow in the fun attractions and programs offered while continuing to reach more people with the new facilitated teambuilding.


Address 1: 4733 Hanoverville Road
City: Bethlehem
State/Province: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Postal Code: 18020


Phone: 610-759-2270
Contact Person: Jason Chartrand

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