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Oak Creek Ranch School

Oak Creek Ranch School

Updated: August 9, 2017

Oak Creek Ranch School is a small, private boarding school near Sedona, Arizona. Our beautiful campus of 17 acres, is surrounded by giant Cottonwood trees and bordered by Oak Creek on two sides. OCRS works with students that struggle in a more traditional school environment, but are not in need of a therapeutic setting. Many of our students have a diagnosis of ADHD or other minor learning differences. They are bright, capable, and have the potential to be college bound. However, due to previous academic and/or social challenges, they have begun to lose confidence and may have gaps in their academic skills. Through a holistic approach that integrates social/emotional learning with challenging, experiential education, our students build the confidence and skills they need to be successful. The growth we see in our students is largely attributed to the relationship based programming that is prevalent throughout both the academic and the residential curriculum. We take the time to know our students, understand their struggles, and teach them how to overcome them.

Due to our small size, teachers are able to individualize learning without relying on technology. Classes are primarily discussion based, engaging students in their education with teachers who care. Experiential learning and collaborative groups project are used throughout the curriculum. In addition to core academic concepts, teachers also address executive functioning skills through an integrated social/emotional curriculum.

Our residential curriculum compliments and enhances our academic program through intentional programming after school, in the dorms, and during the weekends. Through our outdoor education, equine, and sports programs we are teaching students resiliency, social skills, positive personal mindset, and independence. These skills not only directly impact academic performance, but also prepare students to be successful in the workforce and in their personal lives. Students also participate in weekly evening discussion groups that further develop these skills, led by our professional residential faculty. 

Oak Creek Ranch School students graduate with the academic skills needed to succeed in college, and the life skills needed to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.




Address 1: 1165 Willow Point Rd
City: Cornville
State/Province: Arizona
Country: United States
Postal Code: 86325


Phone: 9286345571
Contact Person: Kim Hollingsworth

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