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Oregon State University – Cascades

Updated: April 13, 2005

Your OSU-Cascades Degree Is Naturally Better
The ORLT program is unique and was developed to provide the business, communication and other skills necessary for success. This is the only bachelors degree in outdoor recreation and tourism available in Oregon. The first two years of the program are primarily completed at Central Oregon Community College (COCC). COCC and OSU-Cascades share a 200-acre campus on Bend’s Ponderosa-laden Westside.

Three ORLT study options are currently available.

Option 1:
Commercial Recreation Management and Tourism (CRMT) focuses on developing and managing a business related to outdoor recreation or tourism. Students will learn general business skills with a focus on recreation and tourism, including:
Accounting and Finance
Human Resource Management
Specific applications to recreation and tourism enterprises (e.g., Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Resort Management, Tourism Information Technology)

Graduates of this option are well-suited for management positions in existing companies or for starting their own business.

Option 2:
International Ecotourism (IE) focuses on the special aspects of nature-based tourism in foreign countries, as well as managing domestic recreation resources for international visitors. Students will:
Develop language skills
Use their internship for an international experience
Develop business skills
Attain fundamental knowledge of protected-area management
Discover broader socio-political issues in international tourism

Students who choose this option are preparing for careers as international tour guides and managers, protected-area tourism managers, and tourism policy analysts.

Option 3:
Outdoor and Experiential Education (OEE) focuses on applying educational theory, techniques, and practice to education in and about the outdoors. Experiential education, as both a teaching and a learning technique, will be emphasized. Students will learn a range of skills relating to:

Education theory
Outdoor and adventure education
Environmental education and interpretation
Wilderness therapy

Graduates of this option are well-suited for jobs in experiential education, wilderness therapy, environmental interpretation, outdoor schools, and university or community outdoor recreation programs.

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Address 1: OSU-Cascades
City: Bend
State/Province: Oregon
Country: United States
Postal Code: 97701


Phone: 541-322-3125
Contact Person: Kreg Lindberg

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