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Pinelands Adventures LLC

Updated: March 17, 2015

Pinelands Adventures LLC is an initiative of Pinelands Preservation Alliance, a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of the New Jersey Pinelands.  Pinelands Adventures was founded in 2015 to provide livery services and outdoor programs for the public and education programs for schools and community organizations.  Pinelands Adventures seeks to promote active recreation in the Pinelands and a culture of health in our region through low-impact nature-based recreation; to increase public awareness and knowledge of the Pinelands and the conservation challenges the region faces; to engage people in active support for Pinelands conservation; and to provide high-quality wilderness experiences for young people, including disadvantaged youth, through collaborations with schools and community organizations.


Address 1: 17 Pemberton Road
City: Southampton
State/Province: New Jersey
Country: United States
Postal Code: 08088


Phone: 609-859-8860
Contact Person: Rob Ferbert

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