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Positive Adventures

Positive Adventures

Updated: May 12, 2016

Join our team! Positive Adventures, LLC has been providing premier Outdoor Education programs in Southern California for 10 years. Our family owned company is leading the way in professionalism, industry standards and risk management.  Positive Adventures is born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong commitment to our community and volunteerism.

Positive Adventures outdoor educators use experiential teaching methods. These are often different from traditional classroom teaching methods.  Many of the goals of our courses have to do with learning new skills and expanding an individual’s awareness of self and others.  Goals that, when attained, increase self-confidence and group functioning, the benefits of which can be adapted to life at school, work and home after the course.

Positive Adventures’ Core Values:

Family First: Honor people when they make the choice for family.

Efficient Excellence: Constantly evaluate/reflect on energies being utilized

Purposeful Programming: Happiness is where purpose & passion meet.

Constant Stoke and Community Do-Gooding : Passion for life, thirst for adventure, willingness to include community.

Sustainability: Recognition of the profound limitations of the natural world/and evaluate the impact of our organization


For more information visit: www.positiveadvetures.com


Address 1: 4907 Morena Blvd
Address 2: Suite 1401
City: San Diego
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 92117


Phone: 858-239-4400
Contact Person: Amy Amodio

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