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Remote Medical International

Updated: September 26, 2006

We are a full service, single source provider for all your wilderness medicine needs. Whether you are interested in training, products, or consulting services, we can help. Our instructors and sales staff are among the most highly trained in the world. We know what you face because we work and play in the same, often unforgiving, locations. Great care is taken to ensure that the products we sell, the skills learned in our training programs and the systems we develop are suitable for the challenges that you face in cold, thin air or a stiflingly hot jungle; on or beneath the sea; or on a day hike. If you are a professional medical practitioner or interested in taking your first wilderness first aid course, you’ll find what you need at Remote Medical International. Our training courses and equipment are state-of-the art. Our products are personally selected and tested by our staff and our partners for real life medical emergencies in remote and harsh locations. When you want to make all the difference in the world, give us a call. We are an authorized distributor for over 100 manufacturers. Our clients include hospitals, fire departments, emergency medical services, search and rescue, SWAT teams, National Park Service, U.S. military and more.


Address 1: 4259 23rd Ave West
City: Seattle
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98199


Phone: 8005974911
Fax: 2069350399
Contact Person: Kevin Thompson

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