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Riekes Center for Human Enhancement

Updated: August 3, 2021

The Riekes Center exists for the enhancement of the individual student. Our mission is to provide each student with the best possible opportunity to define and accomplish individual goals, build character and learn transferable life skills through Arts, Fitness and Nature, in an environment of non judgement and mutual respect. We provide these opportunities regardless of the student’s ability to pay, or to perform. Each person’s uniqueness and potential is celebrated. The Riekes Center thrives on providing transformational outcomes for our students. At the Riekes center, all students, all goals, and all interests are equally important. It’s a place where real world diversity thrives and empathy is encouraged. The Core Values of Self Supervision, Honest Communication and Sensitivity to Others are the Center’s operational and social standards.

The Riekes Center nature department has been bringing youth and adults outside to experience and learn about natural history, bushcraft and survival skills, wildlife tracking, bird language, edible and medicinal plants, awareness skills, scout games, community and stewardship, backpacking, and knowledge of place for over two decades. We are committed to helping students achieve their goals in nature, and to providing the highest quality of nature instruction. 


Address 1: 3455 Edison Way
City: Menlo Park
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 94025


Phone: 6502796507
Contact Person: Kate Peters

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