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Rongen Consult

Updated: November 23, 2004

A lot of the programs that I run with my colleagues can (simplistically) be characterized as teambuilding. A company has a problem with a team or department that they can’t seem to get a handle on and they seem unable to solve. That’s when the phone usually starts ringing.

Next to that I am regularly involved in programs that combine outdoor and philosophy. Although these programs are also used to get things flowing again in an organisation, they are specifically philosophycal in nature. The most practical application is in the field of integrity programs. These are getting big in the Netherlands.

We normally work at two venues, one in Amersfoort, and one in Elspeet.


Address 1: Scherpenzeelstraat 149
City: Amsterdam Z.O.
State/Province: na
Country: Netherlands
Postal Code: 1107 HT


Phone: +31-(0)20-6963234
Contact Person: Jac Rongen

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