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Sanborn Western Camps

Sanborn Western Camps

Updated: October 10, 2017
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Sanborn Western Camps is a outdoor adventure residential camp in Colorado. Sanborn provides a unique opportunity to benefit from quality time spent in the natural world as a teacher, mentor and friend to kids from all over the world. We give kids the opportunity to grow as young men and women while climbing 14ers, riding horses and living together in the outdoors.

Sanborn Western Camps is located at elevation of 8600 ft in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado, 35 miles west of Colorado Springs.


We hope the information below will inspire you to want be a part of our team?  The Space, People and Time of Sanborn are three key aspects of who we are and set the stage for life changing experiences. We hope you’ll check us out. 

SPACE: We are located on 6,000 private acres surrounded by 35,000 acres of National Forest and the 6,000 acre Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. The wildflower-filled mountain meadows, open pine forests, expansive aspen groves and rocky bluffs are ideal settings for horseback riding, camping out, backpacking and other camp activities.

PEOPLE: Campers and staff come from all over the country and 6-10 foreign countries. People with all sorts of backgrounds, interests, and skills come to Sanborn to learn new skills, develop their strengths and grow as individuals within a caring, challenging and supportive community.

TIME: We are committed to a longer session.  Most campers come for a month, and many younger campers come for 15 days.  This time at camp allows for great adventures but also the opportunity to build a strong community and to develop meaningful relationships.  Our staff members are powerful mentors, leaders, and friends who can truly impact the lives of the campers while building peer relationships that last a lifetime.

Our MissionTo live together in the Outdoors, developing a Sense of Self, a Sense of Community, a Sense of the Earth and a Sense of Wonder, through Fun and Adventure.

It is something we live every day, and it makes this opportunity anything but a normal summer job.


As a summer camp staff member, you will have opportunities to teach, learn, experience the grandeur of Colorado, and develop your leadership and technical skills while influencing the lives of campers.  

First and foremost, our staff needs to have a strong desire to work with children. While the days are long and the work is hard, the rewards are indescribable, as you are an integral part of the campers’ lives, helping them grow and develop as individuals within the camp community. Very few jobs provide so many opportunities for leadership, impact, and meaningful work as a summer at Sanborn.

Mountain summits, horse trips, Aspen groves, tents, and cabins…  These are just some of the places where camp happens.  Real opportunities for challenge, appropriate risk-taking and leadership make camp so much more than just “a place to go for the summer”.  Hard and soft skills are practiced and developed while experiencing the beauty of the Colorado wilderness.

Being in the outdoors and making a real connection with nature is more important than ever.  Disconnecting from the ever-increasing rush of technological stimulation and electronic overload is vital. Camp provides this opportunity, and the campers (and staff!) benefit in so many ways. Watching the sun set behind the mountains, getting lost in the uncountable stars of the Milky Way Galaxy or being mesmerized by the grace and power of a soaring redtail hawks are just a few examples of how we connect with nature at camp.


Address 1: 2000 Old Stage Road
City: Florissant
State/Province: Colorado
Country: United States
Postal Code: 80816


Phone: 7197-748-3341
Contact Person: Mark Rutberg

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