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Seattle Parks and Recreation

Updated: November 8, 2016

Seattle Parks and Recreation provides welcoming and safe opportunities to play, learn, contemplate and build community, and promotes responsible stewardship of the land. Seattle Parks and Recreation (Parks) manages a 6,200-acre park system of 465 parks and extensive natural areas. Parks provides athletic fields, tennis courts, play areas, specialty gardens, and more than 25 miles of boulevards and 120 miles of trails. The system comprises about 11% of the City’s land area. Parks also manages many facilities, including 26 community centers, eight indoor swimming pools, two outdoor (summer) swimming pools, four environmental education centers, two small craft centers, four golf courses, an outdoor stadium, and much more.


Address 1: 100 Dexter Avenue North
City: Seattle
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98109


Phone: 206-684-7061
Fax: 206-615-0302
Contact Person: Crystal Lee Jones, PHR/SHRM-CP

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