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Sonoma State University

Updated: January 20, 2004

OutDoor Pursuits is an entity of the campus recreation program which provides wilderness outings for the Sonoma State University campus and community. Our commitment is to offer low-cost trips that encourage and facilitate positive, safe, and ecologically-sound wilderness experiences. We try to share with our participants our respect, admiration, knowledge, and love of the natural environment.

The Campus Recreation Program at Sonoma State University is a program of the Sonoma Student Union, a student-held, not-for-profit, auxilliary corporation on campus. We have a comprehensive, student-centered program serving the SSU campus and community. Sonoma State University has approximately 8,000 (2,000 living on, and growing) and is located 50 miles north of San Francisco. The campus recreation program will be housed in a newly constructed 59,000sq. ft. recreation center, scheduled to open Summer 2004.

Company Type(s): School
Company Category(ies): College/University
Region(s): California
Grade Level(s): Not Selected


Address 1: SSU OutDoor Pursuits
City: Rohnert Park
State/Province: California
Country: United States
Postal Code: 94928


Phone: (707)664-3951
Fax: (707)664-4078

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