Trackers Earth

4617 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202
United States

Trackers Earth: Days Of Summer Camp 2016

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About Trackers Earth

Since 2004, tens of thousands of families have journeyed outdoors with Trackers Guides. Through sharing fantastic skills and epic adventures, we seek to inspire kids, creating stories and memories connected to family, nature, and many generations.

Trackers Mission

From wilderness survival to fishing, from story camps to blacksmithing, the timeless Arts of Tracking define how we share these crafts. Tracking develops intensive observational skills in our environment. Tracking cultivates the ability to map complex connections. Tracking guides kids and adults to authentic wilderness experiences. Tracking tells the story of people stewarding the land. Through tracking, kids rediscover and remember their natural connection to family, what is wild, and multiple generations beyond their lifetime.

We have offices in Seattle, Denver, the Bay Area, and Portland, our vision is to help foster a deep appreciation for the family, the natural world, and many generations beyond all our lifetime.

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