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University of Dayton Rivers Institute

Updated: April 11, 2016
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Our initiative brings key partners in the Greater Dayton community together to promote, preserve and protect our watershed. Students, faculty and staff work with community members, stakeholders, and local organizations to build community around our rivers. We focus on promoting learning and undergraduate research. Our multifaceted projects bring both the University and the Dayton community to the river.


Inspire and educate leaders who empower communities to be stewards of rivers


The University of Dayton Rivers Institute is a collaboration of students, faculty, staff and partners who engage in inter-disciplinary and experiential learning, civic engagement, and sustainable community development around rivers; the strategic natural resource central to communal, economic, aesthetic and ecological vitality of the Dayton region and beyond.


Address 1: 300 College Park
City: Dayton
State/Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Postal Code: 45469


Phone: 937-229-4665
Contact Person: Leslie King

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