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University of Otago

Updated: July 31, 2002

The School offers a range of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates:

* A 4-year Bachelors degree (BPhEd); an Honours degree (BPhEd Hons);
* Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDipPE, PGDipOE);
* Masters degrees (MPhEd, MDanceSt)
* Doctoral programme (PhD).
* Diploma in Sport Studies
* Certificate in Sports Studies and Certificate in Fitness Management (Distance Teaching);

The School has a very wide-ranging programme with a focus on teaching, research and community work. It also works very closely with other schools and departments of the University, for instance Human Nutrition, Performing Arts and Physiology. There are currently 31 academic staff, 14 Teaching Assistants and 28 general staff employed within the School. For further details on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses please click on the links on the contents menu to the left of this page. The School has over 900 students currently enrolled in these programmes.

Detailed Course Prescriptions for undergraduate papers can be found at the University of Otago web-site https://www.otago.ac.nz/subjects/phse.html

Further Postgraduate course details can be found from the Postgraduate page on this website.

Details of current Academic staff and their research interests can be found on the staff page on this website.

Key university events for current and future years can be viewed by clicking here

The School of Physical Education is an academic unit of the Division of Sciences at the University of Otago.

International students



The University of Otago offers many scholarship opportunities for Postgraduate students. Postgraduate scholarship information and application details can be found on the University of Otago website at https://www.otago.ac.nz/study/scholarships/ (Application forms are listed under “Related Info” to the right hand side of the scholarships page)

All Doctoral students enrolling for the first time at a New Zealand university from 2006 are eligible to pay tuition fees at the New Zealand domestic level. Therefore International Doctoral students now apply on the Domestic Applications.

For all course advice and enrolment information contact the course advisor Margie Lazar: +64 3 479 5263. Students from overseas are advised to read the information given by the University of Otago International Office

Applied Theory and Practice Programme

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Address 1: The Outdoor Education Programme, School of Physical Education
City: Dunedin
State/Province: na
Country: New Zealand


Phone: 64 3 479 8649
Fax: 64 3 479 8309
Contact Person: Shayne Galloway

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