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University of Puget Sound

Updated: June 27, 2001

Home for Puget Sound is the creative urban city of Tacoma, Wash. in the pioneering Pacific Northwest. Puget Sound is a community proud to be many things. The student body consists of approximately 2,600 individuals all working hard toward unique goals while engaging the world around them in diverse ways. Many Puget Sound students take on multiple minors, major in interdisciplinary fields, and travel abroad. Some perform at Puget Sound’s renowned School of Music while pursuing degrees in over 50 academic fields. They take on internships, build apps, and start companies as part of the Business and Leadership Program. Many join one of the more than 100 student-run organizations on campus, and sometimes even start their own. Still others do experiments in nearby waterways, mountains, and national parks, or in science lab facilities ranked top 20 in the nation by The Princeton Review. Puget Sound professors personally know their students and receive more Carnegie Foundation teaching awards than any other college in the state.


Address 1: 1500 N. Warner St. CMB 1064
City: Tacoma
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98416


Phone: 253-879-3500
Fax: 253.879.2932
Contact Person: Justin Canny

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