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The Valtas Group

Updated: May 15, 2019

The Valtas Group was started in 2018 by joining together the knowledge and experience of three distinct but related organizations with a nonprofit lens. The combination of HR Strategies, an interim executive and nonprofit search firm with an 18-year track record serving social enterprises; CFO Selections, a financial consulting and search firm founded in 2002 with both a nonprofit and deep philanthropic passion; and Mentor Coaching a nonprofit focused, business capacity enhancement firm. These entities came together to form what is now the nucleus of the Valtas Group.​

The Founders of these organizations grew concerned about the lack of professional services in the nonprofit sector specifically addressing the leadership transition tsunami taking place. Over 50% of nonprofits will have an Executive Director, CEO, or COO Deputy Director turnover in the next five years. This lack of “bridge talent” when an organization needs it the most causes significant risk to the missions of nonprofits. Valtas Group was formed to fill this gap.

Valtas is experienced at social sector leadership for nonprofits. We have the talent to bridge gaps and the acumen to guide boards of directors through the maze of choices required during a leadership change. Valtas stands for a shift or change forward and our team can help your transition be successful. ​

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Region(s): US
Population(s): General


Address 1: 310 120th Ave NE
Address 2: Suite 101
City: Bellevue
State/Province: Washington
Country: United States
Postal Code: 98005


Phone: 206.697.8428
Contact Person: Ed Rogan

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