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Verto Education

Updated: June 1, 2020

Verto Education is an innovative new way for students to start their college career. Through Verto, students can study abroad for the first semester or year of their undergraduate career, while still earning college credits to keep them on track to graduate in four years. Each Verto student  is unique in their academic journey, we are looking for instructors that value diversity. Verto also partners with over 40 colleges and universities ranging from small liberal arts schools to large public institutions including William & Mary, Bucknell University, and University of Oregon. Applying to a partner school through Verto gives students an admission decision and facilitates their transition onto campus upon completion of a semester or year abroad.

Verto’s mission is to empower every student to spend impactful time abroad during their college career, and graduate with a better understanding of themselves, and the world around them. Verto Education is accredited through Portland State University.

Company Type(s): Profit
Region(s): International
Activities: Backpacking
Population(s): Youth - College
Facility(ies): Open to the Public
Grade Level(s): 2-year College


Address 1: 3055 NW Yeon Ave
Address 2: # 8822
City: Portland
State/Province: Oregon
Country: United States
Postal Code: 97210

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