Company Description: 
Viristar provides best-in-class strategic consulting and training services to outdoor, business and education professionals worldwide. 
Viristar offers:
  • training courses
  • specialized assessments and audits
  • targeted reviews
  • expert witness services
  • program design & development
  • custom consulting
that help our clients meet their high standards for excellence. 
Our service lines are:
  1. Risk management for outdoor programs
  2. Program development for experiential, environmental & outdoor education programs
  3. Business management consulting for nonprofits and corporations
  4. Wilderness medicine training for outdoor professionals
We specialize in serving clients from these fields:
  1. outdoor education
  2. experiential education
  3. adventure education
  4. environmental education
What sets Viristar apart?
  • A proven track record of high quality and outstanding results
  • Leadership by accomplished experts with decades of field and managerial experience
  • Programs crafted to meet exact client specifications based on precise needs assessment
  • Extensive knowledge of current industry standards and best practices
Viristar: Reliable, Dependable, Outstanding Quality
  • Viristar provides comprehensive and effective solutions precisely targeted to meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Benefit from Viristar’s reputation for excellence in delivering the highest levels of customer service satisfaction
  • Ignite your organization’s potential to be its very best
Viristar offers:
Risk management training for outdoor program managers and leadership
Risk management consulting for outdoor programs, including:
  • Safety audits
  • Incident reviews
  • Expert witness services
  • Risk management program development
Program development services, including:
  • Environmental education curriculum development
  • Education program design
Business Management Consulting
Wilderness & Remote Medicine training
Professional Resources for Outdoor Programs


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