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VISIONS Service Adventures

Updated: September 29, 2003

VISIONS Service Adventures offers dynamic experiences for teenagers that blend construction-based and other service work, cross-cultural immersion, and adventurous exploration. Some programs offer Spanish or French language immersion. A maximum of 25 students and 6 experienced leaders live in the heart of host communities where the projects accomplished add to and improve local resources. Participants learn construction skills and building techniques from seasoned carpenters on staff or from local masons and maestros who work side-by-side with us. Past participants have built schools, housing, medical clinics, community centers, irrigation canals, bridges, playgrounds, park structures, outside murals, and more. There are opportunities to supervise and organize activities with young children, to engage in agricultural and environmental work and internships with weavers, bee keepers, farmers, fishermen, other artisans, local vendors and health workers. Each experience begins with a small group committed to a common goal.

VISIONS becomes a journey of discovery and shared accomplishment. Program days and weeks include interesting, challenging exploration of the site. Programs operate in Alaska Athabascan villages, Montana Plains Indian reservations, Ecuador, Peru, the British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, and the Dominican Republic.

Company Type(s): Profit
Company Category(ies): Camp, Community Service, Service Learning
Region(s): Global
Population(s): Youth - Teen
Grade Level(s): Not Applicable


Address 1: 203 N Church Ave
City: Bozeman
State/Province: Montana
Country: United States
Postal Code: 59715


Phone: 406-551-4423
Fax: 406-545-2335
Contact Person: Katherine Dayton

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