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Western State Colorado University – Master in Environmental Management

Updated: October 4, 2015

The Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program (www.western.edu/mem) at Western State Colorado University is now accepting applications for both the Integrative Land Management (ILM) and Sustainable and Resilient Communities (SRC) tracks – both of which have outdoor education students and practitioners who have found exciting ways to apply their skill sets and experiences. The ILM track prepares people planning for careers in public lands management, private land conservation, and environmental advocacy, while the SRC track prepares people seeking careers in climate action planning, sustainability coordinating, sustainability consulting, and nonprofit leadership focused on resilient food, energy, transportation, and building systems. 

The MEM is flexible, with distance, Rocky Mountain residential, and hybrid options. It is a two-year program wherein students pursue intensive, interdisciplinary coursework in environmental/sustainability science, policy, and management skills the first year, as well as start to plan their projects. The second year of the program (in addition to three elective courses) focuses on a major, 600-hour, hands-on project for a major stakeholder or organization anywhere in the world. Many people choose to pursue a project in their workplace that goes above and beyond their regular responsibilities.  

Should you wish to connect with a professor and/or find out more about the program, please correspond with us at [email protected] so we can serve you most effectively. Be sure to continue to learn about us at www.western.edu/mem

APPLY NOW! No application fee until November 1, after which time, it will be $50. Between now and January 10, 2016, you will be considered for all Fellowships.


Address 1: 600 N Adams Street
City: Gunnison
State/Province: Colorado
Country: United States
Postal Code: 81231


Phone: 970-943-2248
Contact Person: Mandy Casteel-Denney

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