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Wisconsin Union – Hoofers

Updated: September 21, 2004

The Wisconsin Union unites the University’s social and academic lives, fostering the personal growth and relationships that are at the heart of a great education.

Wisconsin Hoofers fulfills part of the Wisconsin Union’s social education mission by providing an outdoor recreation and leadership program. Its purpose is to:

1. Promote the education of members in outdoor activities; and
2. Foster interest and participation in outdoor activities by providing and developing leadership, instruction, programs, services, and equipment; and
3. Educate in planning, organizing and executing programs related to environmental concerns and community affairs.

Hoofers consists of six separate clubs: Sailing, Ski & Snowboard, Outing, Riding, Mountaineering and Scuba. The clubs are coordinated by Hoofer Council, which is composed of a representative from each of the six clubs plus five elected executives and six appointed officers. Each club administers its own program with funds generated from activity fees. Since its inception in 1931 as a collegiate outdoor recreation program, Hoofers continues to be one of the largest and most active outdoor programs in the country.


Address 1: 800 Langdon Street
City: Madison
State/Province: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Postal Code: 53706


Phone: 608-263-5596
Fax: 608-263-4008
Contact Person: Nancy Graff Schultz

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