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Wisconsin Union

Updated: November 13, 2012

The Union’s outdoor recreation space and facilities is currently under renovation and will reopen in June 2013.  This position will work with the Outdoor Recreation Director, Union staff, and students to use the construction phase as a catalyst for reflection, evaluation, and change in program offerings and services. Outdoor rentals, which will be closed until the renovation project is completed, has historically provided students, Union members, faculty, staff, and University guests with rental opportunities of outdoor equipment from canoes to camping gear.  During the renovation project, an analysis of the outdoor rentals operation will be performed and recommendations will be made as a result of the analysis.


Hoofers is the largest branch of the Union’s Outdoor Recreation Unit and consists of six separate clubs: Sailing, Ski & Snowboard, Outing, Riding, Mountaineering, and SCUBA, as well as five collegiate teams.  The clubs are coordinated by Hoofer Council which is composed of a representative from each of the six clubs plus five elected executives and six appointed officers.  Each club administers its own program with funds generated completely from membership dues, activity fees, and fundraising.  The current total Hoofer budget is at $1.4 million.


Since its inception in 1931 as a collegiate outdoor recreation program, Hoofers continues to be one of the largest and most active outdoor programs in the country. For example, the Sailing club with 1300 members has the largest inland sailing fleet and the second largest fleet in the country. The Riding Club operates a 40 acre boarding and teaching facility 30 minutes south of Madison and the Ski & Snowboard clubs hosts the Midwest’s largest ski resale every year and has been offering trips for over 45 years. The Outing Club has the Midwest’s largest paddling club and SCUBA offers PADI certified diving programs. Between 400 and 500 youth participate every summer youth riding and sailing programs. Finally, the clubs host a variety of annual events reaching thousands of members of the campus community.


Address 1: 800 Langdon St
City: Madison
State/Province: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Postal Code: 53706


Phone: 6082633936
Contact Person: Tom Hogan

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